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User Benefits

The system suits you

The Triclad Stain Matching System offers you all the features that make your wood stain development a productive and effective process that adds to your bottom line.

Triclad Stain Samples

Reduced labor expense Minimized waste
Happy customers
High quality
Cost savings example

Chances are our predefined colors will be perfectly suitable for many, even most, of your needs. Yet, you always have the flexibility to experiment on your own. Or, you may be interested staining wood other than oak or maple and need to try some different formulas. In any case, the Triclad Stain Matching System allows you to do so in small batches within a controlled, replicable process.

Reduced labor expense
The system has already done most of the work for you, so your staff can spend minutes instead of hours trying to create or match a particular stain color. You won’t believe the man-hours you’ll save.

Minimized waste
First, by utilizing our tested formulas for the 282 predefined colors, you waste zero materials. Second, in developing new colors, you can work in measurements as small as just a teaspoon. All Triclad color formulas are based on “parts,” not quarts or gallons, so your test batches can be as small as you want, and your final product batches can be as large as you want.

Happy customers
Customers want it right, and they want it now. The Triclad Stain Matching System not only lets you deliver high-quality, accurate samples—the first time—it also lets you do it fast.

High quality
Triclad bases are designed specifically to intermix with each other as a system. The integrity of the balance of solvent, resin, and pigment is assured throughout the manufacturing process, so you can rely on quality and consistency in both application and adhesion.

The System’s easy-pour, self-sealing lids let you work efficiently while minimizing drips and spills.

Cost savings example
Look at how much you can save on color development.

  Traditional Process Triclad System
Hours @ $50/hour: 3 $150.00 .5 $25
Material @ $18/gal: 1 $18.00 .125 $2.25
Total   $168.00   $27.25

Now, multiply this by the number of color development projects you do each year.

Example based on actual customer data.

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“There’s no question that the Triclad Stain Matching System has already saved me thousands of dollars in labor and material cost. But the real benefit is that my sales reps can now show customers their custom stain colors almost immediately. None of us can even imagine going back to the old trial-and-error way of matching stains. This system is awesome.”

Doug Gluth
Brown County Cabinet, Green Bay WI