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System Components

The secret is in the system

We’ve designed the Triclad System components to work in seamless harmony with each other, so that you have a system that is easy to use, reliable, and accurate.

Triclad Stain Samples

Color chips
Triclad mixing bases
Formula book
Mixing equipment

Mixing equipment
Because improper stain agitation can prevent you from obtaining consistent, high-quality results, the Triclad Stain Matching System uses the Fillon Pinchon MiniMix 150. The MiniMix 150 features a modular design that accommodates 16 cans and can be scaled to meet your needs. It is ideal for accommodating the Triclad bases, plus additional coatings you might use, including quart-size cans. An important element of this patented mixing system is the lid, which has a built-in paddle for thorough agitation and a tight-sealing, easy-pour spout for handling large quantities or small.

Optionally, the Fillon Pinchon FP 7000 Select digital scale may be used for those who prefer to create formulations by weight instead of volume. It features an easy-to-read LED display that lets you measure down to one-tenth gram, and a proportional weighing feature that allows you to scale your formulations up or down with the touch of a button.

Color chips
You receive two sets of 282 wood veneer chips, one in red oak, one in maple. The chips are handsomely displayed in an attractive wooden box, and are labeled with a color number that references a formula.
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Triclad Stain Matching System Sample Wood Chips

Formula book
This would be considered the nerve center of the Triclad Stain Matching System. In it you will find easy-to-follow instructions, helpful hints and tips, and, most importantly, the formulas for each of the 282 colors in the system.
Triclad mixing bases
Only a few base colors and one clear base are needed to replicate the System’s 282 colors, as well as create the virtually infinite gamut of other stain color options. These reliable, high-quality bases have the perfect balance of solvent, resin, and pigment, and have been designed specifically as intermixes for the Triclad System. They are available exclusively from Fasse Paint Company.
Triclad Mixing Bases
Triclad Formula Book
Mixing Bench