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Triclad Water-Based Stain Matching System™
The revolutionary Triclad stain matching system now available in water-based stains!
For years, woodworkers have longed for stains that would perform like solvent-based stains but be available in a water-based formulation. And, for years, manufacturers have tried and tried again to fulfill this wish, only to fall short of achieving the results woodworkers were looking for. But what was once a dream is now reality—true, high-quality, water-based stains have arrived.
It's Part of a System!
If you've tried water-based stains in the past and were disappointed, we know you're not alone. But don't let a bad experience in the past dissuade you from experiencing the future of staining today. Use Triclad water-based stains as part of the Matching System, or select from our 16 ready-mix colors.
Triclad water-based stains can stand alone, or be used within the Triclad Stain Matching System. Visit the Triclad Stain Matching System pages for information on the whole system.
Water-Based Stains are Ready for Your Finish Line
After years of painstaking experimentation, Fasse Paint Company has arrived at a formulation that puts water-based stains right up there with—and in some cases beyond—solvent-based stains. While we can’t tell you our secret formula, we can tell you that these Triclad water-based stains will meet your every expectation—we guarantee it.
Want to Give it a Try for Free?

Try a sample can of one of our ready-mix colors; 16 to choose from.

Just call for details or request one here.

You've Never Seen Stain Like This
Special Formula
After years of experimentation, we’ve hit on just the right formulation that delivers the kind of results previously attainable only with solvent-based stains.

       •  Uniformity: colors spread easily and maintain a even, consistent tone; even the
          darkest shades hold their uniformity.

       •  Clarity: dull, muddy, cloudy, milky tones are a thing of the past.

       •  Minimal grain raise: the ingredients used in our formulations make grain
          raise almost imperceptible on all types of wood.
Water-Based Wonder
Imagine, all the performance you’re used to with traditional solvent-based stains is now available with all the advantages of water-based products.
       •  VOC compliant
       •  Nonflammable
  No solvent smell
       •  Fast Drying
       •  Economy and price stability
       •  Easy cleanup
       •  Reduced labor effort, time, and expense
       •  Unlimited topcoating options
       •  Reduced drying time
       •  Minimal settle
       •  Long shelf life