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Create and/or match any wood tone

Triclad Stain Matching System - Formula Book
If you work with wood, you’re probably already well aware of the challenges of efficient, accurate color matching when it comes to staining. It’s very easy to spend hours upon hours painstakingly trying to formulate stain that may be close enough to match what you’re looking for, and that maybe you’ll be able to replicate the next time around. Not any more.
Triclad Stain Samples

The Triclad® Stain Matching System™

The Triclad Stain Matching System is a unique intermix system of high-quality base stains plus one clear base. While each of the bases can stand on its own, the real beauty of the system is that you can blend two or more of the bases to create a virtually endless array of colors.

We’ve already completed the time-consuming, trial-and-error process of creating hundreds of the most popular colors and documenting their formulas. You can see and compare your color options at a glance, displayed as two sets of wood chips, one in maple, one in oak. Think of them as paint swatches for stain.

But that’s just the beginning. If you choose, you can use the wood chips as a starting point, then go ahead and fine-tune the mix any way you like, giving you an unlimited range of color choices.

Because Triclad bases are all manufactured with a delicate balance of solvent, resin, and pigment, and designed specifically to intermix with each other as a system, you are assured of the integrity of your composition in terms of quality and consistency.

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